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Default The symptoms went away as suddenly as they came

Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
I'm getting numb in fleshy part of my hands runinng from pinky up the inside of my arm. This happens usually when I wake up after lying down all night. And the feet somehat. It's coupled with palpetations. Blood pressure is just slightly high.

What I can and can not feel is very hard to describe., I suspect if you poked the area with a pin, I may know it, but not be able to determine that it was sharp. I just tried it, it felt like it itches for half a second then goes away. My brain reacts to the sensation, but I'm not fully picking it up. The doc thinks I should have my head examined (he agrees with my friends and neighbors).

Affects roller skating? Not that I know of.

Oh yes, wierd clue, I go throuh times, weeks long, where I can't taste salt at all. I'm currently there. It's a great weight loss program, " Hey, what sounds good to you?" "uh.........fruit".

Well docsk8 can't help me on this one.
I did lose a few pounds and eating fairly good. Ulcer symptoms came and went again. Diet diet diet. iron suplements, vitamin C. Seems to be doing the trick.
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