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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Seems like a lot of us are dealing with health stuff and are willing to share. Mostly injuries, but I deal with an ulcer and gall bladder stuff. I can control both with diet but Independence day here in the states kinda did me in. I'm out of commission for a bit, and it's heath food for me (and no alcohol) for the foreseeable future. Thing is, I feel great as long as I eat right. And I like skating and bicycling more than rich food, so I'm wiling to sacrifice.
Wondering, we used a dentist for 25 years that just kept cleaning our teeth, he sold and the new dentist suggested we go see a periodontist, that guy wanted to do 1/4 of the mouth at a time, cut the gums scrape the teeth, let it heal for 2 months and do another section, we were aghast, found a periolase place nearby, they just peeled the gums back and went to town, did 1/2 the mouth and a week or two later the other half, what a pleasure, two months later, wow, no more ulcer, no more stomach cramps, are your teeth, I thought mine were great, (now I look at the teeth of the people in the town with the damned dentist and I notice most people are toothless)

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