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i started off skating in the cold streets of hershey pennsylvania this february.. started off falling on my tushie with $50.00 pair of DBX skates from DICKS.. bad idea since they dont sell replacement parts. . it had a pad set with it.

it was good skates but rattles too much.. doing a mile was torture and after a week i gave up on them. so i went to sports authority and bought my first pair of pro skates which were my rollerblade crossfire 90 MX. got it in late february.. put those one and fell a couple of times.. couple of scratches though. but after an hour, i was flying , AND I MEAN FLYING though the streets.. stopping took a while to learn. but i learned a lot of basic techniques from skating videos on youtube. i learned the parts of the skates while living with my friend for a month. so everyday i did research. and long after that i was getting good control. the biggest thing i had to learn the hard way was BALANCE. what good is all that speed and power when you cant control it.

so i kept on skating and got good with my rollerblade crossfire 90mx.. but gave me blisters after long periods in the sun in ft. lauderdale beach.... so i made an investment on my first bearings. i got super reds for my crossfire 90's and it made a decent difference in speed.. they are nice skates still.. but i havent used them in a while. for extended periods of time, there not all that great. are they fast, yes. are they maneuverable.. yep. but my K2 Mach 100 BOA's did a better job.

so 3 weeks ago i bought my k2 mach 100 BOA and got me my bones ceramic reds bearings yesterday. and boy was i blown away.. my main problem about my k2 mach 100 BOA's is that at times my foot shifts during my strides since they are totally soft.. its like wearing socks/ sneakers. but no more blister problems. so i can skate with ease and a lot fastter.. i try to roll on my rear 100mm wheels. i barely lift my foot up to minimize the air resistance. my k2 mach 100 BOA are awsome. ive seen faster skates but they do very well with comfort and stability.

im done buying skates for now. just enjoying and building up my stamina.. i can skate 2 miles non stop for now. but once i work out my legs at LA fitness improving my quads and calves, then maybe then around a year from now ill be ready for marathon.. maybe ill be ready for a marathon by november in san diego. ... AND THEN ILL GET MY FINAL PAIR OF SKATES: K2 RADICAL PRO.

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