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Originally Posted by hyperiuSupern0va View Post
wow, many skates ^^ , thats cool - i didn't know that.
k2 skates have different colour variations that isnt completely shown on their site. are you buying online ?
cuz if you're buying in person, trying them out personally handles it right. my friend wasn't fat, he was bigger in size and tall, i was surprised how his feet looked after skating. hope u find an awesome pair, then tell us how you think about it

No problem, brother.

After I get a new pair, I will share with you how it goes.

There are a lot of different brands with very good skates but only known to certain countries......this is the pity part for me....cannot make a selection from all models..only those that are available in USA...or Canada....... Others will be kind of too far away, or not sure do they really fit properly.....

Just give you a piece information, if you wear size D skate and you are interested to wear hockey skate for road, check out the Verbero Hockey skate.....FULL CARBON.... I have seen a road bicycle made with full carbon, even the gears were made with carbon!!! Only screws were metal......... And this Verbero brand makes hockey skates in the same way....FULL CARBON.....even the chassis is made of god......

well...I have wide feet, so I cannot wear it. And the inventer is not good in responding e-mail. Wrote him 2 times more than 1~2 years ago and still get no reply......

Boot design is so so, but the overall weight will be very light!!! ha ha....maybe..
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