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Originally Posted by hyperiuSupern0va View Post
Wow, those 2 are some nice looking blades. for freestyle and mass concerned, should focus on full hardboot instead of semi-soft.


have you never considered k2 skates ? cuz k2's have the most comfortable liners and comfort is everything.
Thank you buddy. Yes, I know that Canadian guy. I saw his videos sometimes, but I have not checked out his website yet. I will take a look of his skates.

I have checked out K2 skates and the only model that caught my eye was Radical 100, but I am not interested in using 100 mm wheels to do free skate in urban or between communities........ I have Rollerblade GT 100mm and also BONT Z 110 mm speed I know how it feels like to roll on big wheels.... only fun when down hill...up hill will be very tiring and also not easy to stop and to make turns when skating inside the city. So I am not looking at the 3 wheelers of PowerSlide skates.

Thanks for the input.
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