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Default Short forward vs standard mount for vert skating

Hi :-)

A possibly naive question - and I know the eternal argument of SF vs standard has been done to death for other types of skating.

My 11 yo daughter has gone mad for vert skating, but particularly loves bowls. She was playing junior derby and has an extreme short forward mount on cheap SA10 plates. She has good balance, so not having the wheels under her heels doesn't concern her too much. While she loves the agility the forward mount gives her, she lacks a bit of speed so can't get the height she would like and being forward/on her toes on the ramps all the time does tend to crunch her toes a bit after a while.

But the biggest problem with the short forward mount for her (specifically) is the trucks are so close she can't fit in a (nylon) grind bar because her feet are so small [... the casual way she does drop ins without one is terrifying]

She's just about to outgrow her current skates, so we need to put something new together for her and I'm particularly interested in views on plates (and, to a lesser extent, trucks) for vert skating.

Other than that "falling backwards" feeling of having a very short forward mount when dropping in, are there any vert skaters out there who can share their opinion (based on the experience of trying multiple set ups) on the pros and cons of a short forward mount vs standard mount - specifically as it relates to vert skating?

Also, I know it's been done to death in other disciplines, but is there an experienced view on the pros and cons of SA vs DA on ramps? Seems to me that the DA will make pivoting and whatnot more straightforward, while the SA will be better for the lumpy surfaces. It's going to be the usual 'try them both and see' thing, isn't it? ;-P

Hope that all makes sense and someone is able to help out :-)
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