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Default K2 Fatty Frame Switch

Hey All,

I am into speed skating now and don't aggressive skate anymore because I am at the age bones take longer to heal and not to springy at getting up from falls. I have my old pair of K2 Fatties that use the UFS frame. I don't like them just sitting here and want to make them into something useful where I can still do some jumping by more free riding at higher speeds. I got some old K2 Backyard Bobs too but back in those days you couldn't change frames. :P

Anyway, the issue I have with the frames is I found a frame I want at Inline Warehouse, the Powerslide FSK UFS. it supports up to 84mm wheels. Below is the link to them.

Only issue I see is it doesn't say they come with axles. Does anyone know what axles I have to use with these and with that axle what size bearings I would need too and maybe even spacers. I just notice on the other UFS frames they mention axles and stuff but these mention just what wheel size they support up to. I know some people will say just buy some FSKs or something like that but I love this K2 boot. I am used to them and even with the small 55mm wheels the boot absorbs tons of road noise so I can imagine speeding around on some 80-84mm wheels on these and jumping here and there would feel poetic. I have to say these boots are the king of comfort.
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