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Originally Posted by cliff View Post
I'm planning to get some Bones Super Elite wheels, 103A. Are there any subtle differences in hardness or durability between the black, amber and white wheels? I want the hardest (and most durable).

I've had the plain Elite 101As for a couple of years -- and like them a lot. Only occasionally do they slip and slide on me. I thought the 103As might be fun -- force precise technique so as not to slide. And the 101As don't seem to have any flat spots after many vigorous sessions.

I'm weighing in at 215 pounds.


the 103s are harder then the 101s and will slip more. the darker the color of the wheel the harder it is, the whiskey color is softer and the black and blues and red are the hardest because of the pigments added to color the wheels. good luck with them. elites roll a little smoother because of the hub.
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