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Hi everybody! My name is Dave and I live in Lexington, Ky. I was introduced to skating when I was about 4 or 5 after a short-lived attempt at joining an ice hockey team. Although the ice hockey didn't last long, it was enough to wind up with a pair of rollerblades so that I could practice at home. I was never a serious inline skater growing up and only used them on occasion but still enjoyed them enough to keep buying new pairs as my feet grew. I quit using them when I went to college in 2010 but pulled out the old skates about a year ago when I was looking for a better way to get exercise and get in shape. One skate in my old blades had me researching new skates for an upgrade.

First I got the rollerblade tempest 100 because I was nervous about increasing the wheel height, but as soon as I got a few skates in I was back online researching the 3x125's I had seen. Thats when I ordered the powerslide grand prix setup, which was great at first but overtime the consistent heel slippage that I had using them gave me a huge lump on the back of my heel on the outer edge of the achilles. I wanted to use the 125 setup on the boots from the tempest 100 because I knew they wouldn't give me that issue but they were stolen from my car . I used the grand prix setup for 6 months until I finally realized the problem was going to keep getting worse to the point that I wouldn't be able to skate at all if I didn't switch. After ordering the rollerblade tempest 3WD 125 setup it only took me about 1 month to realize that what I really wanted was a low-cuff speed boot. I chose the luigino bolt skates and I think they are pretty awesome. Really comfortable after one mold and helps me have a greater range of motion when working on the double push.

There aren't a lot of options when it comes to skating in Lex, Ky but there are a handful of paved bike paths worth skating. I usually try to get in at least a half marathon when I skate, since my goal is to build up my endurance for one of the marathons this year. I basically just love to skate for fun, fitness, and because the endless opportunity to improve my technique and gain more speed ignites that competitive drive. Being able to go faster throughout the length of the trail or maintain a certain speed over the toughest climbs or turns just because it is more fun that way makes me want to get out there and keep it up. I love the feeling of skating and I know it's even better if I can manage to go even faster for longer!

So, time for a few pics of my skates. Took these right before I went out for a skate with my new wheels tonight

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