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Default New facebookpage "triskates"

Hello everyone,

I made this new facebookpage called Triskates...
Why did I make it? Well simply because if I can get one more person to inline skating, I will be happy, if I get 2 more to do so, I will be more happy,
And if all with 3 skates joined the page, I would be extremely happy... and thats whats life is about no?
So if you have triskates, have friends that own a pair or want a pair, plz join the page, share your pictures, share your videos, plz feel free to do so!
Nothing will be sold on the page and I asked the admin for permission if I could put the link uphere and I was allowed.
So feel free to follow the link
And become one big triskating family!
Have a nice day/evening!

Blessings from Belgium,

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