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Hi Bob! Just thought you'd like to know that my dad was glad to meet you too. I told him about this forum and that there was someone who said he went to the extravaganza. As soon as I said "Bob from MD" he remembered meeting you right away. He really appreciates his fans.

He doesn't have a computer so I had to explain the "forum". But you guys/gals really gave him a swelled head. He says he'll have to go buy a bigger hat. LOL

Ahhhh, yes, I know Nick too. Visited Caln a few times back in the day to skate to him. I always enjoyed visiting other rinks and organists even when dad had his and still played.

Oh, and Corey... I assume you're THE Corey? I don't think we crossed paths (unless it was you as a skater) but I have recently discovered who you are. I really enjoyed listening to you on the youtube snippets. If I were still in the area and skating, I'd definitely be seeing you at the Big 100.

You recognize rinks better than I do! Those pics were just a few that somehow I ended up with. I have very unorganized boxes of pictures and can probably come up with some real oldies if I ever sorted through them.
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