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Default Looking Good Paco

Okay I need a picture of the front bearing installed.
If the front bearing is counter sunk you can change the taper on the front of the hub so the bearing sits flush with the taper.

You could also shape it more like my Super Enforcer to save a little more weight again.

Here is a picture of my Super Enforcer its deep dished with a radius at the botton. See how shallow the bearing seat is. When the bearing is installed it sits flush with the hub.

Okay Paco with your English not quiet perfect here is what I mean by counter sunk. Look below. The wheel on the left is an old Enforcer with no pretty holes see how the bearing is sunk into the hub. We call this counter sunk.
See how the wheel on the right has the bearing sitting even with the hub? This is called flush with the hub.
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