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Originally Posted by mkathyallen View Post
Hello all! This is my first post in this forum so bear with me. I'm hoping some one out there can help me solve a problem with my skates. I bought some old skates on ebay because I wanted some cheapies to see whether I really like skating before I invested in some nicer ones. Now I'm attached to the old ones and would like to fix em up a little. I want to change the wheels, or at the very least take them off to clean the bearings, but I can not figure out how to get them off. The wheels have plastic disk thingies over where the nuts should be, blocking them from access. Does any one out there know how to remove these wheels
Yes Ma'am.. It takes a special spanner to go in the holes.. or a pair of needle nose pliers may squeak ya by.. (and maybe how to tell what size I should get for replacements), or even if its possible? I'm going to attempt linking to the ebay page, so you can see the pics of them.

Thank you for any input!
Those look like the narrow wheels.. I may have a used set but if I recall correctly they take an odd ball bearing.. I guess pix are in order.
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