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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
I've been skating on quads for about a year or so, but I'm interested in some longer distance skating, probably outdoors, which suggests using inlines (I'll still skate quads for fun, session skating etc).

Problem is I know nothing about inline skates. I see some with 3 or 4 very large wheels, and many with more 'normal' sized wheels. Where would be good starting point for someone who wants to train and build towards a half marathon distance?
I do long distance and would recommend a 3x125mm setup. However, balancing correctly on these is challenging; especially when you get to achieving the double push technique which requires good control on the outside edges.

At the least, I would suggest a 4 x110mm setup which will give you a reasonably good size wheel (bigger is better for overcoming rougher surfaces) and a longish wheelbase which also helps for stability on long distance track/road conditions.

Oh - if you are relatively new to inline and looking to do long distances, don't necessarily be tempted to go for the race boots. These have very low cuffs and, whilst great for seasoned pro's, they are not ideal for long distance "enthusiasts". Even I am not comfortable going to a race boot on a 3x125 rig.
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