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Default Skating I have Seen, Yep that is IT and Great

Hi Jbgerman,
and Thanks for the REAL uncut youtube feed. FUN watching it.

Originally Posted by jbgerman View Post
Just for the records. Bow Wow didn't skated the advanced roller skating scenes in "Roll Bounce" himself. The "stunt double" o - o
Reminds me of two 80+ year old women who finally were able to say that they were the real singers for the vast majority of hollywood stars in the movies for decades. At plus 80 they could still hit ranges. And we know hollywood cares about image not substance SO the studios banned them under contract law.

Anyway Roller Bounce must have been heavily edited, since in this video we see the stops, slow downs, and change ups. Normal things you see for even great skaters. And when did he use his sweat towel?

As an aside, it makes me sad that I don't have videos of some of the great skaters that I have skated with that do magic with their feet and bodies. Magic like you read in books. One who did heels up and chin to the floor, plus many more. Several in Mass, several in PA, NY, NJ, etc. Oh Well..

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave

Edit-01: OK I called him Bob for years when we skated together yet that is not his first name. Normally we both skated on teen nights, with him quite a bit better than me and the teens in almost everything. In addition to chin to the floor, like in the books he did side surfing and other stuff beyond magic. He could side surf with one skate one way the other skate the other way and both side by side. NOW in my life I will never see that again. The stuff he did was and is impossible, even though I skated next to him.
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