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Default Disagree with this Observation

Hi Kneez,
you too ursle (Hope we got past that rough spot)

Originally Posted by ursle View Post
o - o These videos with skaters holding on to others are simply videos of skaters still in transition, no sense in commenting on them until they are finished learning what they have undertaken to learn, so, go to the source (the guy in white with the dreds) and watch, o - o
Since I have skated in Rinks doing twosomes, threesomes (tripples), and some of this tossing around stuff, I will disagree with this 'still learning' comment. I do understand if you have never rink skated with high performers this could be an observation.

Tossing around and holding a partner builds up the speed and kind of throws you out of control and then you get it back again because you are good. Our one friend Connie at Skateland has done with me a threesome toss around and it can be kind of scary in parts particularly coming around the corner.

SO I disagree that "they' in this video are learning.
Roller Bounce was OK, yet seen better in person.
^ Too much staging, and posturing.

At Skateland, Marc gave many of us passes, for a sneak preview when that first came out. Got the pass yet did not go. I have watched the movie a few times and still like it.

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
P.S. Now Ursle, Don't get mad at me cause I gave you info..
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