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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
again, he was simply doing what he had observed (roting) or was taught by the skater in the white, with the dreds during the credits, that guys a great skater.
You must mean the guy in the white tee-shirt and "do rag" (not dreads) who was center floor dancing who came on directly after the young lady took the mirror from Nick Canon????

BTW, someone instructed the guy in white with the dreds, love to see a line of skaters of that quality.
Not really. One normally get a base in that style of dancing and begin to experiment with different twists to the style. I rarely see the same sequence of moves among different skaters nor do I see it in the same skater. Most times it's adlib. As for seeing a group of skaters of that caliber - E Williams should be able to suggest a rink for you.

Tori: "Man!!! That routine was great!!! But that ah triple lux thingy you tried - probably shouldn't have done that.". They were perfect lines..
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