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Originally Posted by Knezz View Post
I'm just returning to skating after 35 years. Some of the skating is new to me. I'm am what I call a Rhythm skater. I've notice that quite a few people are doing "Snap" skating. I see it as individuals mostly out of control as they do there moved. Also, quite a number of the moves, these skaters couldn't do without assistance of a partner. I would endorse it more if the skaters had control over their moves and they could do the moves solo. I kinda think needing someone else is a crutch to allow the moves to be done. I think it can be erratic and sometimes a recipe for a crash.

I couldn't find a video showing the true lack of control (in my opinion).

This is a more controlled version of Snapping. Usually, I see more uncontrolled moves across the center of the floor and back - in large crowds in close quarters.

Am I being a grumpy old man who needs to catch up with the times in your opinion? I just think it is better skating to have control over all of your moves (with an occasional oops hear and there).

I've seen Snapping done on a fast backwards skate which looked really cool as the speed and the moves at the same time showed some true skill and the skater wasn't all over the place. He was inline with his 5 backwards skating partner (all going a lightspeed).

I'll standby waiting for the Snappers to tear me a new one..
Seems like, after perusing your first video, a watch of the last skate scene in Roll Bounce, bow-wow was creating what you're describing, and he was simply roting what he had watched, but watching his routine is wonderful, btw, he's alone, no help with balance, yes, there may have been many different takes, nevertheless, superb skating, again, he was simply doing what he had observed (roting) or was taught by the skater in the white, with the dreds during the credits, that guys a great skater.
These videos with skaters holding on to others are simply videos of skaters still in transition, no sense in commenting on them until they are finished learning what they have undertaken to learn, so, go to the source (the guy in white with the dreds) and watch, don't emulate the people emulating others emulating others none of which has finished the process of learning.
BTW, someone instructed the guy in white with the dreds, love to see a line of skaters of that quality. (It's simple to do it fast if you can do it slow, doing it slow is where the skill lies)
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