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Hello Knezz. Hehe. Yeah, I had to have someone show me snapping as well. What I can say is the lead snapper is putting a lot more force on that arm than you may suspect. If the snapper and the support man do not have strength it looks sloppy. I was able to support a snapper for about half a song and I was already starting to tire out. Snapping is for those with energy!

I would endorse it more if the skaters had control over their moves and they could do the moves solo.
Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head - I suspect that many of the best snappers don't need the assist and the trains are more for flare than a necessity. Virtually all the styles have a train formation, so I wasn't surprised to see that incorporated into snapping.

Am I being a grumpy old man who needs to catch up with the times in your opinion?
I don't think it's a matter of catching up with the times though. I think it's more a matter of taste. Snapping has certainly been around in the east. Baltimore is probably the city of origin. It just recently caught fire and has proved appealing to the youth. I've seen it adopted by skaters from east to west and I find that quite rare when it comes to Rhythm. Each area is adding their own flare to it, which I think is healthy. Never the less, it isn't being accepted wholesale by all. People or either jumping in or they are keeping their distance. I enjoy watching it myself, but have no interest in delving into the practice.

So in summary - It's not just you Knezz. I think snapping is a "love it or leave it" sort of thing.

Hope this helps!
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