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The last few posts reminded me of something. I have a pair of flip flops skates that I occasionally use at the beach. It’s fun to watch people overreact to them, yell “THAT’S SO COOL,” and then run after me to take an Instagram pic, but hey, the reality is that flip flops make awful skate boots. In fact, they are nearly worthless in every way… except for one: the ride is incredibly smooth. You are basically skating on 20mm of spongy foam. Impact and vibration absorption is outstanding. It somewhat feels like you are floating on the pavement. I think you could simulate this ride on regular skates if you used 30a hardness wheels, except that soft wheels would bog you down and roll very slowly. The 78a wheels on the flips roll fine.

Assuming you could find a boot big enough to accommodate a 20mm foam insert, it might benefit high-mileage fitness & training nuts. It would reduced impact on your feet and joints, and generally feel more comfortable during those long hauls. Just go in a straight line tho, and no tricks, because that squishy insert would not be too responsive to fancy footwork.
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