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Hi Doc, I have to mount plates on a leather Carrera boot, size 8 boot, size 7 sure grip avanti plate. I have a snyder mounting tool. Is the 3mm offset to the smaller toe side about normal for this/any mount. I know the front axle needs to be just in front of the ball of the foot a bit.
I also have an aerobiskate reidell boot size 11 that is leather but the sole seems like its spongy/not leather or normal sole material. It's very comfortable. I have a Crazy Venus plate for it, 283mm. I am taking off an aluminum plate that is riveted on and struggling with getting the rivets off. The old plate is crap so maybe I can just drill away and not sweat how I get the rivets off as long as I don't drill into the sole? I'm looking at the same offset 3mm to the small toe side for this one too. I read about the best way of getting the right spot for the offset is to find the spot between where the second and third toes are. Not sure how to do that very well. One is for my kid, size 8, one for me. We are recreational skates but want good equipment and we take lessons regularly. Improving constantly is the fun and the goal.
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