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Default Arius Platinum vs Matrix, Variance, Mistral, Energy, etc

I am fairly new to quad skating. I am trying to get into more of the artistic, Jam, style indoor skating. I am looking to build a custom pair of skates. I urgently roll Riedel Angels 111 size 13 which is too large I think I needed a size 12, or 12.5. I plan to move up to the OG boots because they are real leather as opposed to those man-made stiff boots that won’t break in.

My question is should I go with an Arius plate $345, or one of the Roll line plates?

I weigh 245 lbs, I do not plan on jumping. I may learn how to spin someday. But I need to be able to Jam Skate.

If I need a size 12, it doesn’t seem as if the remaining roll line for the plates that will accommodate. The other question is whether not I need a 45° angle king pen pivot truck with a 22.5degree, or 10° king pen foot plate truck combination for what I plan to do.

What are the pros and cons, because the seem to be in the same price-point.

Or should I just look for the sure grip/Power dyne advantage avenger plates. I was just wanting get a plate that responds without seeming that the trucks are too loose and swirly?
Any advice helps
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