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Originally Posted by maltoch View Post
for sale now.

zombie hawgs 70 or 76mm...i tested 82a. 70.
kryptonics route new design red 70mm 82a.


krypto roadrunner 70mm 78a
hyper super mundo 72mm 78a.

76 are too big in my opinion ...i have good legs and never really see more gain at high speed....more than 100 kmh in downhill.

i tested everything since 20 years ....zombie hawgs are not really good...bad urethane, velocity race...not conviced at all...too litlle inertia...

i have now on my quads....a set of krypto roardunner...and on the other the new route.

the results are the same....the best wheels i tested....road runner are just lighter...and you feel the difference after fewer miles.

vintage hyper strada and krypto project should be a little under....and the next set i will buy..will be a set of hyper super mundo 78mm 72a....on of the wheel that could be better.

so in my opinion, actually, buy the red new route 70mm 82a...a good me' i have good legs...1.90meter and 100kg i can push...and 70mm is the better ...

my best wheel was a 70mm 80a kryptonics retro k....only make for french market and sold by bravo corp..

so finally i suppose boomerang vintge 70mm 78a should be agood wheel....hyper duper mundo ...a little bit better because of the 70mm.....
krypto roadrunner are goof but not so easy to find....easiest than super mundo and boomerang....
but for cheap and very very good result...the new route 70mm 82a is the solution...good quality urethane...kryptonics cruise design...

conclusion...from what i suppose or i know

1 hyper super mundo 72mm 78a
2 hyper roardrunner70mm 78a=boomerang vintage 70mm 78a
3 new route 70mm 82a (just because of the wheels weight but could be in second position too).
4 velocity race 70mm 82a=krypto hawaii k 69mm 78a.
5 cruise 65mm 78a=radar flyer 65mm 78a
6 zombie hawgs
Good review. Lots of info to look at. Thanks
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