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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post

You are not a strong skater, so you should not attack your jumps. For you I think a slower, much easier approach to jumping will give you the results you want…lol!
I agree with your premise, I'm not a strong skater (an axel is not on my radar). But I think this makes technique even more important. Which is ironic due to the lack of training I have access to. If I was a strong skater I'm sure I would of killed myself by now. lol

My take is do the best jump you know how and present like you just did a tripple.

I'm pleased with my current progress, but I can still do better.

Frankly, I started three years ago wanting to spin, not jump. I had no idea it was called freestyle. You convinced me to jump by telling me I shouldn't. lol-again. I'm not sorry in the least, jumping is thrilling, even if it's just little ones.

My next two jumps are mapes and two foot base 360.

I still love spinning most, although I'm not good at it. Well at least not on one foot. My two foot spin has gotten a lot better, just due to posture.
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