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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Nice! I got the IB in general. I figured out the shoulder thing on my own. But I was pressing way too hard on the toe. Do you have anything to say abount the hip? My biggest issue is the step-over or rock-over. Is the hip involved here?
I was just noticing some things about the hip this past week, particularly doing figure 3 turns but I also found it applies to spins. Try to keep the hip as square as possible to the shoulders. If the hip rotates in front of the shoulder it will get you too twisted and chokes the spin. If the hip stays too far behind the shoulder the spin will never really get started. I noticed on the inner back spins I do tend to use the right hip to whip me around for speed when I want it but it still must be controlled and stay as square as possible to avoid other issues in the spin. I still tend to pay more focus on my left shoulder position and keeping it stable/balanced throughout the spin and the rest falls in line.
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