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Default How long do wheels last?

I know there are many variables. This is my first year skating. I was wondering what is a realistic life expectancy for the equipment we use? A better question would be, how long do your wheels last you? What kind? I have been keeping a logbook. It’s not perfect or even accurate. The distances are routes I normally take and were measured using google maps. I thought about taking a measuring wheel with me but the accuracy of the data isn’t that important. I also measure wheel size with a set of calipers. Nothing fancy here. I use a set I got at a garage sale for $0.50 that I keep with my skate stuff. I keep track of when I clean my bearing. I sometimes make notes on how things worked that day. For example. I cleaned my bearings and over lubed them. They felt just like when they were dirty. After 50 miles enough excess lube escaped and they felt amazing.

I’ve used a few different wheels. Some were terrible. I don’t even remember their names. They are not worth remembering. They were very cheap and I got what I paid for.

Moxi outdoor wheels 65mm 78a
This is the wheel that came with my skates. I put 200 miles on these before they got small enough that I was looking to replace them. I could probably put 200 more miles on them before wearing it down to the hub. They were great when new. Now they are too small for the local conditions. Rough trail and bridges starting getting tougher when they started to wear down. The vibrations were getting intense.

Kryptonic Classic 80mm 78a longboard wheel
I have put 600 miles on these. I have not worn out a set. I would expect them to last 1000 more miles before wearing down to 65mm. I won’t expect to reach 1000 miles on these wheels until next year. I originally ordered the 80mm wheels because I have access to a lathe. I figured I would have to cut them down to find the right diameter and width. I have not had to cut them. They do rub on occasion but they have never thrown me down or tripped me up. They are heavy. A set of 8 is 2 lbs heavier than the Moxi wheels. They are big and comfy.

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