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Originally Posted by Sniff View Post
I've had 100mm Swells for about five months now after I switched up from my Seba FR2s. I can't speak for the 125mm set-up, but I've found the boots chafe badly midway between the ankle and arch, creating hotspots and then blisters. Only now are they beginning to break in and feel ok after more than about an hour and a half of skating. I've spent a small fortune on Compeed blister plasters, and still use two pairs of sock, one thick and one thin. It's a real shame as I love everything else about these skates. The bigger wheels handle the lousy surfaces in parts of my city and have opened up lots of new routes that I would struggle to skate with smaller wheels.
Lle dych chi'n dod o, Rhyfelwr? Dwi yng Nghaerdydd. - Where are you from, Rhyfelwr? I'm in Cardiff.
I'm a North Walean by birth - Llandegfan in Anglesey but my mother came from Ammanford near Swansea. Although both parents were Welsh speaking, they didn't teach me!!! That frustrates me to this day and I am trying to learn!

Rwyf nawr yn byw yn Stoke-on-Trent.

Great to hear the feedback on the Swells and it does confirm my fears about the Swell setup. I've heard the Kaze shell is based off the same mould? The chafing - is it on the insides only? Powerslide are claiming they've improved the fit with the newer Swell City 125s using memory foam and cutouts but I'm not convinced yet. Also, I'm dubious about about the velcro on the ankle strap - why not a micro buckle?

I already own a set of Powerslide Imperial SUVs which are great (I can go pretty much anywhere in them!) but they can't get up a lot of speed. I came originally off ice hockey skates so I'm used to travelling pretty quick!

Thanks again for your feedback.
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