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Originally Posted by BigFoot View Post
Thanks rufusprime99. I feel like a dummy head because I do a lot of mountain and urban biking, and have bought jerseys and performance shorts in the past (though not lately). I’m sure they were poly blends back then, not nylon. So yeah, thanks for the tip. I prolly need to bump up my budget. As I recall, anything labeled “cycle clothes” carries a 400% mark-up.

Yeah. Nothing wrong with a few "nicer" items in your lineup. Keep an eye out for beginning of season and end of season sales.

It’s nice to know that you are with me on nylon or nylon-cotton blends and how cool they feel, but I was hoping to find some science to back it up. I have searched for thermal conductivity studies showing which fabrics and weaves allow heat and sweat to pass more easily from your body to help keep you cool. Considering the amount of money in sports clothing, there must be dozens or hundreds of studies like this, I just can’t find them, at least any that are written in layman ’s terms. Could it be a trade secret? Maybe someone else in SLF knows the answer.
I did not dig deep into this at all. When I started mountain biking, I had some work buddies that brought me along in the whole process. Getting the wicking nylon shorts/jerseys was not questioned at all. What *I* can confirm is that compared to the nylon/cotton blends, nylon alone works better to wick. I really noticed that at Crested Butte as some clouds rolled in and things got cold quickly. All of my sweat moisture was gone, so no overcooling, and I stayed fairly warm until the sun peeked out again.
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