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Default some pics

Pinched cones

Pinched cones and small washer used to replace the cup, was too small. I tried a larger washer but it was too big and promoted ramp up. The new one works well.

New tapered small washer, still checking for cushion damage but so far its ok.

Tight clearance between nut and truck body after caster change(used like this for a long time).

Soft suspension with low ramp up of resistance during turns, which promotes awesome traction, not good for derby. Great for session skating for cutting and slicing through traffic with out fear of losing grip.
There you go Mort. Just took me a while to get the pics.

Later today, endoscope camera on bottom of skate looking at how the suspension actually works.. Hopefully the video is at least OK. 2 gb camera I think, not a lot but maybe enough.
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