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Proline, reactors, pretty much any 15 deg or less plate. Action isnt needed much, as the "flair" that produces a good looking move is done by using your feets positioning/pivoting to make the skates carve.

Plastic or metal doesn't matter. And actually a lot of people will skate on plastic since its just a "softer" feel. Theres no worry about the types of distortion a weaker plastic plate presents during speed skating, since the forces arent the same.

Plastic plates can have the action cranked down and since theres some more flex in the plastic rather than 7000 series alu like say, a proline, they will start to distort a little before the action is used. Since the plates flex more readily, the kingpins are less likely to break. Seen some crazy stuff on plastic plates.

Firm suspension, a somewhat flexy plate and boot is very forgiving, and small errors in form during tricks are extremely easy to hide. Also, sometimes truck action gets stuck a little where it wont return to neutral every time (grease fixes that usually), so firm suspension tightened up with that flexing plate also reduces the likelyhood of cushions deforming, sliding, then getting stuck while being used (action), ya know, instead of returning to center. Any skateboarder has probably seen this afterlanding hard on one side of the board, getting wheel bite, and having to bail out. Then their board turns in circles as it trys to roll away.
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