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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Guys got some hella nice footwork. Actually makes me want to get some cones. I wonder what his skates setup is , boot and what size, plate type and size, cushion hardness and wheel size/hardness. I don't think my skates can turn that well lol. I can make it do some crazy stuff at high speeds but not that! (least I don't think so)

Definitely an inspiring video, makes me want to tour Europe with a backpack and my skates!
Hi Mort, I've just got back home from my 5 day skate trip to the Netherlands where I skated with Alex (the guy in the video above) for 2 days. He is an amazing talent, as well as being a really lovely guy.

I asked him about his skate set-up and he said that he uses Risport boots, Roll-Line Matrix plates with firm cushions (sorry, I forgot to ask him what duro cushions) and 62mm 78a slim wheels (around 34mm width) with a rounded outside edge profile. I asked him whether he had a preference for wheel brand and he said "not really". The wheel dimensions, profile shape and hardness seemed to be his main priority rather than any particular manufacturer's type of urethane. That may possibly be because he usually skates outdoors.

He said that he doesn't have his truck action cranked down quite as tightly as the French skaters do, but it's still pretty tight because he requires stability. He went on to say that he has the technique and ability to exert sufficient pressure / force to enable his skates to still turn sharply (because he uses high boots that allows leverage from his lower leg, rather than trying to steer from the soles of his feet). He said that a loose, turny action would be completely counter-productive for his style and speed of skating because it would prevent him from using the exaggerated body and leg lean that is fundamental to his style of skating.
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