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I agree with learning hockey skills because they are better than the drills you see most derby teams doing.

I wouldn't say there are "derby skills". There is just skating skills that are used in derby/hockey which are geared towards physical contact. Though if you watch the hits a hockey player takes vs a derby player the hockey players tend to fall a lot less. This has to do with foot positioning. FAR too many people only emphasize getting low and in "derby form". That saying has become a peeve of mine in the past 3 years. It just rings with me as seeing a girl get low, sitting back slightly feet 1.5 times shoulder width stance, but the skaters feet are side by side, so any forward or rearward bumping sets them into a fall scenario they have to try and recover from.

You'll notice the most stable skaters have a stance that looks just wider than shoulder width with a 1/2 step to it. Where either foot is in front/behind the torso. This allows them a base that can catch the forward or rearward hits. Feet side by side = lots of falling.

Outdoor skating in rougher areas will help stability... ALOT.

I naturally skate with a staggered stance from years of outdoor skating. And when I have bumped people, or people bump me at the rink I don't fall.
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