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When I rented old quads the trucks/frame(?) was really loose. It was good because I had manueverabiltiy. Then I borrowed a kids skates and they were like 20$ skates, but the frame was tight. I'm not sure if it was just because they were new.

What I mean by tight is that I could not move them freely enough for criss-crossing around without wheels coming off the floor (they were high boots). If I did cross them it took alot of effort

What mean by loose, is that I could easily move them for crisscroosing and all wheels stayed on the ground without much effort. By loose I mean good but I'm not sure that I'm referring to it in the right way.

I checked on those DA45 frames that Armadillo was referring to and they look awesome. I wonder if that's what I'm trying to explain above.

Another question is I notice that there is a hole for the toe stop. Are toe stop holes univeral size, like would a jam plug fit in that spot?

One more question, (for Quadster) and sorry if it's getting old, those hockey quads....what's up with the super-size toe stop. Can you take those out and replace them, do you know?

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