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Originally Posted by Dennis Lauer View Post
I am going to come up to skate the Saturday session.

Does Holland Sylvania Road south of Central ring a bell with you for the Ohio Skate North rink that closed. I think this rink was originally opened as Central RollArena. After it was closed I believe it was sold to Yark Automotive Group, the Oldsmobile dealership.

And yes, Holland-Sylvania, literally JUST south of Central. You can see the new Urban Fitness Center a lightyear away, across from the Wal-Mart out there (across the street). I never did get a chance to skate that one, but I have/had been to 3 of the Ohio Skates before they closed (really loved that little rink in Findly).

I had a hard time at that rink, though. I couldn't bring my best friend, so I ended up going with my cousins...and they spent 95% of the time on the little rink, trying to skate, while I was flying around the main rink. Hard to talk going that fast anyway, but some company would have been nice during the slower songs. LOL
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