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Default Whooohoo!!! (4/2/11)

I learned a few things at today's session.

1. I'm FINALLY getting used to the way my newest skates react! I'm used to an art boot (SUPER stiff heel/sole that I'd skated for 20-ish years) but as many of you know, about a year ago, I mounted the old plates to my plywood between soles and the soft sole really threw me off. We haven't been skating much recently, but about halfway through the session this morning, I was crusin'! I'd forgotten how much fun it was to go so fast. Cheesy, I know, but....*proud of self*

2. If you have light up wheels, EVERY kid in the building will eventually come up to you at some point...and often their parents. One girl (on inlines) even thought I made the wheels! ("How did you make your wheels do that??") So precious. LOL Even if they're not coming up to you, they're pointing you out. *giggles*

3. Tweenagers/Teenagers should be banned from family session unless they've got good parents to teach them the rules of the rink!! We had a group of 3-5 who loved to link hands. Hubby and I both came close to running them over - "accidentally on purpose" - several times. They finally figured it out and stopped linking up. With 3 it was bad enough, but all four (and sometimes even the 5th!) took up the ENTIRE space from the center of the floor out to the edge. My rink is tiny and these twits insisted on skating, hands held, with arms STIFF out to their sides. If they'd at least have bent their elbows (hence, being closer together), there may have been room to get around them.


4. The is NO greater joy than seeing your reluctant child(ren) with a devilish grin on their face the whole time they're on the floor skating! Had to force my youngest (6) out there a few times, but even when forced, the smile on her face as she rolled by everyone else...PRICELESS!
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