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Rink skating isn't very popular these days anymore. I know my local rink, compared with how it used to be when i went there every week as a young teenager, doesn't have many people coming through its doors. I think the only reason it's still in business is because of all the hockey teams that train there...

There used to be quite a few ice skating rinks, but now it's just down to one! I only ever knew of 2 ice skating rinks, but my parents have told me about a few others that used to exist locally. They also build a mini ice rink in the city during Winter, but it's expensive, small, and so not worth it That said, the last proper ice skating rink left is really far for me to get to

I'm currently working to get more people out skating, i see a fair few newbies at the beach, and random skaters near work who probably don't know about all the different kinds of skating and clubs available to them. I myself didn't know much about skating (apart from that i liked to skate) and all the clubs and stuff out there until i started uni and went to the proper skate shops...

If i get the courage, i might start teaching people at the beach, as i've already had someone enquire about having lessons with me! (which is kinda cool ) but for now i'm working on ways to get more publicity about skating... the only influence i've had on anyone is skating near my house, and had a few of my neighbours kids start skating because of seeing me around, hehe...
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