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Originally Posted by Tuesday Girl View Post
Yes, it helps a lot. Any particular kind of varnish?

The stuff I used I bought at the local Lowes. Brand is Minwax, Fast-Drying Polyurethane, clear gloss. I guess any good polyurethane would be okay.

And why do you need varnish on it? So you don't wear out the material?

To emulate the rink floor coating and (as you noted) to protect the surface. I haven't had to recoat mine yet so it does hold up. It probably also fills the pores in the overlay much as it would on wood. BTW I used a painting pad/applicator instead of a brush or roller. I seems to put down a smoother coat. I think that I put three coats on mine; both sides.

I haven't seen the board you are talking about yet as I have a busy next two weeks and won't be a able to look around at the lumber yard! But I seriously want to fix myself up a new "board rink".

Yes, you are so right, working on a board does seriously make you stay tight and precise. I really notice my lower back muscles having to work much harder for the balance because you don't have room to go if you need it for natural balance.
Maybe I'll see you in the center of a rink somewhere, sometime.

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