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Originally Posted by Tuesday Girl View Post
Cool! Do you have this indoors?

Yes...right in the middle of my 'activity room', formerly known as the living room.

What kind of wheels to you have on this varnished smooth plywood? Mine are Bones Elite 101A, fairly hard.

Originally, I was on some old Nationals, upgraded to Bones Artistic 98a's, which were way too soft for me and then settled on the Bones Elite 103a's. Skated those for about 4 yr. and recently got a set of Bones Super Elite 103a's

I guess it doesn't really matter, it's not like you're taking sharp corners on a 4x8 !

" corners..."LOL. but in rollerdance there's a lot of side to side movement so you need lateral grip. Both vintages of my 103a's did fine. The 4x8 does condition you to keep your moves very tight.
'Hope this helps;

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