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Default For Sale??

All the stuff in the pic (except the Weapons) is for some point or another. But before the sharks start circling, I am not interested in giving it away....and I am really too busy to start sorting them out right now.

Let's be real here a minute. About half of the stuff is used. Some pretty hard. There are all sorts of weird things there. The last sale out of this horde was about 3 weeks someone who sk8s at Bethany's rink. He drove 2 1/2 hours...each score 3 sets.

Maybe I can put Bethany to work when she comes over....

BTW 8 Ball...... The box in the back is 2 bucks a tire. But those are the really scary ones.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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