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Originally Posted by wired View Post
Quad skates work better with more weight on the front wheels than back which dictates a slightly forward leaning athletic stance. Kind of like running. You can't run well on your heels.

Originally Posted by dvw View Post
Depends on what you're doing. Old speed skaters trick, if you want to scrub off a little speed going into a corner, put a little weight on your toes. Need to run up on a guy a little, get your weight on your heels. Skates are slower with weight on the front axle. Works on ice blades too.
Interesting. I'll have to play with the toe heel thing.

But I don't think those two examples contradict the simple bio-mechanics of my point. To move, especially quickly, the human body will have a forward leaning stance. Having skates on does not change that mechanical fact.

Another mechanical fact is a distributed load rolls easier and therefore, unless other forces are at play, faster. So of course, "Skates are slower with weight on the front axle", just as they would be with weight on the rear axle.

It might be that I'm not understanding your descriptions of weight distribution. From pure physics it would seem that on quads unless the attached human's center of gravity is in front of the rear axle a rearward tilt is inevitable, usually resulting in a fall. If you accept this as fact then it sounds like you may talking about more evenly distributing weight when you say "Need to run up on a guy a little, get your weight on your heels." Otherwise I can't imagine a way a person running on their heels would ever be faster than a person on their toes, skates or not.

Originally Posted by dvw View Post
"Turning" and "cornering" are two vastly different things.

I see many skaters that go around corners without turning! Everyone with solid truck skates does it, just as those with extremely hard cushions do and those that heven't figured out skates yet.

But why would you want to? I show a lot of skaters how to turn and without exception they are delighted in the results. Most want more turning, not less.

Originally Posted by dvw View Post
Or maybe not. Maybe it's a pure style thing. Or maybe your particular level of athletic ability permits you to overpower shortcomings.
In Mort's case the latter is definitely true.

Common wisdom is anything but...
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