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Originally Posted by Poobah View Post
To be perfectly honest, I'm not seeing the prices I'd likely pay to convert these to reverse kingpins to be money well spent. For the same $60ish bucks I could convert and old SA45 plate to DA45 and get all that and more.

True that... But i though the purpose of this was resurrecting a Super D??

The biggest problem with the current set-up isn't so much the adjustment and tweaking of them (once I figured it out) it's really just the "putting the plate back together after it's mounted." Generally only needs to be done once or twice, so that's no big deal. And given that it's got the Snyder measuring tool's notch on the plate, I won't be needing the axles on to center it as much, I guess...

Assuming you want the axles where the Snyder tool thinks they should go..

The bigger hassle is getting the pivot pin adjusted when there's only one nut on it, but I don't see that going away no matter what I do.

There SHOULD be 2 flat spots right below the ball.. 1/8 inch ignition wrench works great..

Now I know why the DA45 pivot pins adjust the way they do. I'd hate to have to try and screw the ball in/out without something for a wrench to grab onto. Hate to go grab the things with pliers..

So convert to the DA45 Pivot. Snyder did decades ago. Easier to adjust and tougher to not break as easily..

So long as I put the right retainer below the bottom cushion could I put conics down there?

Or a small flat washer..

I put some blue barrels on it (not too tight), and the feel of the action still seems a fair bit stiff. I probably want to oil the pivot pin ball/socket as well. Something like 3-In-1 should do the job?
I grease mine. Light oil will need to be tended to frequently..
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