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Originally Posted by Poobah View Post
Might that be typically sold under some other name? Or double as the kingpin for another Snyder plate?

Uh could be... Originally the Royal had an aluminum bolt with a tiny hex head for a king pin.. When SG put the Royal back into production, the "derby" version used an obsolete Snyder figure pin called the "Single D" because of the flat machined into it to lock the click mechanism... SG said there enough of those to last forever... We ran out in a year and a half or so.. Now there is a new version that has no flat spots... This was made for the Derby Royal..

The SS Royal uses the Ti King pin from The Snyder World Dominator..

The only Snyder Kingpins I'm finding are the Super Tough for the Super Deluxe and Imperial (odd, I'd assumed the Royal would take same kingpin as Imperial).

No, we wanted to get away from the standard king pin..

Super Tough looks conventional, pretty sure I've already got four of them.


The one that appears to be a reverse kingpin is the Advantage kingpin. Threaded on both ends. Would that be long enough to fit on a Royal?

If it is the second generation Advantage yes. I believe it is the same king pin the current click action uses.. Goes by the name of the Double D since it has a flat on 2 sides. (I put the World Dominator Ti king pin in my Advantages) The first generation Advantage used a shortened P Trac king pin..

I've Google searched on Snyder "Royal kingpins," I've checked two less-great skate shops that tend to carry almost everything, I've checked two really good skate shops (both of which carry the Royal but ONLY the Super Tough conventional kingpin) and one that's kinda up the middle (they sell it too, no Snyder kingpins at all). Nobody seems to be selling a Snyder Royal kingpin. There's a downside to lifetime warrantied products... less demand for spare parts?

And uh, free shipping ends in a few hours...
There is a serious down side to dealing with folks that do not know the ins and outs of some of the less usual Snyder plates.. I believe help could be a PM away..
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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