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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post

Unfortunately the Snyder parts to convert are way pricey... It's simpler and cheaper to go to the regular Royal reverse king pin..
Might that be typically sold under some other name? Or double as the kingpin for another Snyder plate?

The only Snyder Kingpins I'm finding are the Super Tough for the Super Deluxe and Imperial (odd, I'd assumed the Royal would take same kingpin as Imperial). Super Tough looks conventional, pretty sure I've already got four of them.

The one that appears to be a reverse kingpin is the Advantage kingpin. Threaded on both ends. Would that be long enough to fit on a Royal?

I've Google searched on Snyder "Royal kingpins," I've checked two less-great skate shops that tend to carry almost everything, I've checked two really good skate shops (both of which carry the Royal but ONLY the Super Tough conventional kingpin) and one that's kinda up the middle (they sell it too, no Snyder kingpins at all). Nobody seems to be selling a Snyder Royal kingpin. There's a downside to lifetime warrantied products... less demand for spare parts?

And uh, free shipping ends in a few hours...
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