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Default Super Deluxe, click action?

Scored a pair of Snyder Super Deluxes, I'm replacing the rubber rocks with blue super barrels (per a post I found on one of the boards here). So far, so good. Nothing seems to be cross-threaded, stuck or rusty. The jump bars needs a bit of elbow grease and I probably want to polish 'em up nice with something.

I read the Snyder Owner's Manual on the Sure-Grip site pretty thoroughly. A fair bit of it is kinda marketing fluff. Good info on the mounting process (almost glad I blew the $55 on the marking tool, LOL) and adjusting pivot pins. Sure-Grip really ought to have something like that for distributors and builders to throw in the box with their DA45 plates.

Do these plates have click action? If so, how do I use it? From taking them apart they seem to simply have a conventional kingpin (that's a little odd-looking), a 3/4" bolt down at the end (also a bit different) and the kingpin screws in/out with a regular hex key.

Seems odd to me that the almost ridiculously thorough manual talks about click action (which might only be on the Royals/Imperials?) but don't appear to advise the owner on how to actually use it. Nothing has "clicked" as of yet.
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