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Smile Stretching the EDEA Roller/Ice Skating boots.

Shaping the EDEA roller skating boots. The same for ice boots.

I have been having some trouble trying to figure out how to make the boot a little bigger around the small toe and I guess it’s called the “ball” of the foot area.

They tell you not to use an oven and not to use a “heat gun”. They prefer to use a hair dryer set on “HI” heat.

1) I assumed you had to expand the boot somehow, so I’m using the standard boot stretcher and not a punch.

After several attempts, qty, I came upon this solution.

1) Loosen the shoe strings.

2) Install the boot stretcher.

3) Expand shoe/boot stretcher to the size of the boot you want, to increase the size of the area pinching the small toe area.

4) Then tie shoe/boot strings tightly around shoe stretcher, which is emulating your new foot size/stretched size of the EDEA Boot.

5) Turn on hair dryer to “Hi” heat and heat the area of the boot you want to stretch for 30 minutes. Let the shoe/boot cool.

5a) Then heat opposite side of shoe, the left side of boot in my case for another 30 minutes. Let the shoe/boot cool.

6) Loosen the shoe strings on the boot, remove boot stretcher and try on the stretched boot.

6a) My boot finally fit and no more pain on my small toe area/ball of the foot area of the boot.

Problem solved. Boot was successfully stretched in the area hurting my small toe/ball of the foot area in the boot.


Larry O

P.S. It's nice to have a boot that doesn't hurt when you are wearing/skating in!
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