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Hello my name is Everett. I live and skate in Cincinnati (unless doing marathons). I am 58 and have been skating since I was oh about 16. I spend most of my time on quads in the winter and inlines outside in the other seasons.

I own about a dozen pairs of skates ranging from freestyle, urban to speed. I skate all wheel sizes except 125 MM. I tried them and just don't really care for them.

I generally skate about 13 miles when I go out and average about 13 mph on urbans/freestyle and about 15 mph on marathon skates. I am a "wheel addict" if you follow Lino on YouTube.

I literally have all types of wheels in my garage...80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm ..mpc, RB, K2 matter...

For quads I skate on Reidell 595 with Rollerbones Turbo wheels although I have a box of assorted other brands etc as well.

I skate the Miami Whitewater trail and the Newton to Cleveland Trail ( perhaps one of the longest in the US).

Looking to do the Skate of the Union next week and possibly the Athens to Atlanta in October.
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