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Default IB spin

So, I've gotten over the fear of jumping the waltz jump. I give it all I got (which isn't that much) with no problem. So improving that is just a matter of doing it over and over. And falling down some. The falls I've had from this jump are not scary especially with wrist guards. I haven't fallen backwards yet.

So I'm back on my IB spin obsession again. So I had a little time with the art skater/owner. I showed him what I was doing and he said his entry is to rock-over where I come in with a LOF-LIB three turn. I'm afraid I don't know the difference. He showed me how my entry would work, if I hold off on spining a bit. Wait until the turn my body was upright again after the turn.

I did make a little progress. One thing is, I came in to the three turn more upright, waited just a touch, then turn. I get good rotation but fall out of the spin at just over half of a turn.

So what is the difference between the rock-over and the three turn?

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