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Originally Posted by dvw View Post
They do, but is that desirable? I run soft cushions and my plates return to neutral when I tell them to. There's nothing restricting or affecting that. After all, who's in charge, my skates or me?

Because your suspension runs out of compliance, and the wheel lifts.

if anything wheels lift due to the axles being crap, not the suspension being too resistant for the turns I make.I can easily actuate my trucks with a gentle push of my thumb, but when I lean over the outer bearing isnt supported like it should be. Recently though, I got this fixed however the new axles I have installed are even smaller OD, so now its 7.88 instead of 7.94 , while the wheels are held more level they now have more wiggle room >.> grip is very slightly better now until the traction breaks and the wheels vibrate in a slide.

While jam skaters are generally very skilled at what they do, they don't "skate" in the conventional sense, so not really a fair comparison. They typically run long plates, soft wheels, hard suspensions because the type of static dance moves they do benefits from it.
I'd agree that by my sense of "skating" jam skaters cant touch the group I roll with around the floor.

Shuffle skaters have better at speed skill, while jam skaters have better low speed moves as agility goes.

Then you have people like us that do everything, and the skill diversity makes us better than either of them 99.9% of the time. Always good to have a big bag of tricks not just 1 trump card

Anywho back to suspensions, if I skated slower and need more compliant suspension to make a turn, maybe.. but I skate most of my laps on the far outside where I dont need to make a bunch of ultra tight circles. My grip isn't diminished for the speed and radius I am skating 99.9% of the time. If it was then when I take out my stabilization pins in my gen1 arius trucks , I'd gain a bit of grip when cornering, but I dont.

This may change if I ever get better axles where they dont allow as much wheel deflection, then the suspension compliance may begin to factor in. As of now, mine does not. Also the arius doesnt exactly behave the same as a traditional kingpin plate when the cushions are stiffer either.
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