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Originally Posted by BigFoot View Post
I did the opposite. I started on soft and medium cushions, then went to hard cushions as my skating improved. There were a couple of reasons for it. I liked the firm power transfer, stability, more solid hockey stops, and no wobble at high speed. Ease of turning wasnít a problem because I turn the same way as when I skated on in-lines or ice skates, which, of course, donít have cushions Ė go back on your heal, lean, point toe where you want to go. Iím a DA10į red cushion guy now. I tried DA45 and hated them. Even with nylon, metal washers, wood (yes, wood) with red cushions. No dice. Too turny and unstable. It took tremendous concentration and effort to avoid the speed wobble, and that mainly required me to stay below 10-12 MPH. But I think Mr. Rufus got it right: use what you like. Whatever blows your skirt up.

BTW, totally off-topic, but is anyone else enjoying the NHL playoffs? Fastest game in sports, hand-to-hand combat, and awesome skating skills. It has it all. Iím pulling for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Three solid wins against Division leading Tampa Bay Lightning. Go Jackets!
Pointing the toe. Yep, I do that. In fact lifting axles, front or rear is a big part of my skating. And lifting one axle means being only on the other. And a stiffer cushion is helpful in those situations.

In the long and annoying saga of my bad knees and ankle, I stopped striding. Or ever being on ONE skate. Like, EVER. I sticky skate. Keep both feet down at all times. That is not to say I keep all four axles down though. I freak some people out. I catch them watching my feet. They never leave the ground, and a lot of my axle lifts are pretty subtle. I alternate using the turning power of DA45 and axle tricks almost 50/50. If *I* went to red cushions, I would need to do more axle stuff, as the DA45 turning would be diminished. But I could certainly get by. The question is, would I like the different dynamic of red cushions. Probably would for a while. And then I'd change back to a purple, or yellow.

As for hockey, never did get into it. I used to like basketball a lot, and I kind of wanted to get plugged into March Madness, but did not. Been bike riding a lot, and reading about bike riding a lot. At this rate, I may get into watching the tour de France.
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