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Originally Posted by larryoracing View Post
I think on a maple wood floor any old school clay wheels will do fine.

I think the old school Ex Calibers will do fine. The old school American Dream.

I think the Fomac Free Style may work, but may also be a little slippery.

If the old school wheels don't work, I think the new school Bones Wheels will work fine. I got a feeling the Bones Teams 101A Wheels will give you more grip and if you want less grip get the Bones Elite wheels at 101A. They cost double the cost of the Bones Team Wheels. About 100 dollars to compared to 50.

Now on my Skating Rick and Jim.

Having been doing very well. Went to an Invitational in Bronze Solo Dance and won. Won in Bronze figures but there were not too many!

In Silver Solo Dance I got killed. 4-5. And in Silver Figures I got last...3-3 contestants.

I did go to a local competition and introduced myself to a Man Freestlylist. There are only two in Southern, Ca. His coach tried to get me to sign up with her on the spot. Just couldn't do that, but I told them they may see me next year. I think they were excited about the prospect.

Regionals next week and Nationals one month after. I think I'm in good shape.


Larry O
good luck at regionals,,,,,everybody goes to nationals these days if they want to so just have fun.
Ciao Rick
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